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Jajuk requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 and above to run. Get it for free at

Last version

Last stable version is : 1.10.7 alias <Gute Laune>

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System File
Microsoft Windows executable

Check out Windows installation guide

Image:download_win.png download
Linux noarch RPM package

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Image:download_rpm.png download
Linux Debian / Ubuntu package

Check out Linux Debian/Ubuntu/Kubuntu installation notes

Image:download_deb.png download
Mac OS X native package

Check out Mac OS installation guide

Image:osx.png download
Source (Full Jajuk sources repository) Image:download_sources.png download

Checksums are available from here. Select right version, then click on "Details" button to see MD5/SHA1 checksum.

Older releases

Development version