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[edit] General feedback

Duncan : "Had a really good first session on Jajuk tonight and it will be the only software that has been able to replace Winamp for me, so I'm very impressed."

I've only been using Jajuk for a few days, but I wanted to say thanks for a great piece of software!

I've used Jajuk a couple of times when my Itunes player corrupted and I needed music to finish up my research paper writing. (I'm that sort of geek that prefers studding only in headphones with music on as loud as possible).

What can I say? Generally, the software is really user-friendly. You don't have to be an expert to get the main points of using it. Besides, the FAQ section is really diverse and you can find most of the answers to usual quarries.

Besides, the installation guide is really detailed. Everything's written step-by-step so I had no single problem with it. All works properly and i really don't want to return to any other software now.

Great app, it handles my collection just fine. Haven't found any other media manager for Linux I'm happy with, until I found Jajuk. Mark.

I'm with those that praise this software! You answered my prayers! Actually, only recently I've been trusting Banshee to handle my large collection. Before, and for many years, I couldn't find an alternative to J. River Media Jukebox, but the problem was that I had to use Windows just for that. Jajuk blows all the other media players away, it's the only one with all the features and power needed to organize very very large collections! I hope that you keep developing and promoting this player! Augusto R.

Thank you for the amazing piece of software; it is leaps and bounds above Everything else... it never crashes, can seek, can play all formats, is powerful, has a great feature selection, never hangs 5sec while sorting, doesn't lose data when crashing, doesn't ignore bug reports, has normalization, etc. etc. etc. -mats.ahlgren

I just nominated Jajuk for the 2008 Community Choice Best Product for Multimedia, but I started worrying that that category may be more in the way of video players--and I rarely watch anything. I'm not even sure if Jajuk does video and if Jajuk doesn't do video whether Jajuk stands a chance in that category. Should I nominate in another category? Sorry if my amish tendencies makes me unclear about how Jajuk fits into official categories. Still, I think you deserve an award.

Team: thanks to nominate Jajuk, Multimedia is the right category (and BTW, jajuk reads video even it's not its primary goal)

This looks to be a very soundly built player with many formats supported and a big plus being able to manipulate large music collections (150gb+). Would be interested to see MusicBrainz tagging perhaps in combination with other tagging for tracks without complete tags or ripped before freedb. Thanks! -capt. meister

This is the best player I ever used!!! Thx guys, you are masters. If I can make some donation I wont hesitate. -joskamail@***.fm

Thank you for writing an excellent player. it basically works just as nicely as amarok, but does not crash nearly as much. not to mention it runs on many more platforms --metaperl

Well, I came across Jajuk - Just Another JUKebox from Lifehacker. This is a really cool player. The main multimedia player on my computer has been Winamp, for all these years. But looking at the features that Jajuk has to offer, I think its time to finally change!!. This seems like the software that could make a change much like Firefox or Wikipedia did! - Naveen Roy from

Magnificent player. Best piece of software I've ever downloaded. Great fun! - Ben

Jajuk is - as far my very long search tells me - the best player and catalog for mp3 so far! One of very few, that may play a complete folder, such as Amarok. But Jajuk has such a very nice additional feature: The Album Library Popup View! --Monika

A tremendous application, from what I've seen this afternoon having installed and had a play around. Cheers guys/gals whoever you are, for a great piece of work --Steaker--

I started to look at Jajuk lately and really like it's way of providing functionality around playing files and organizing big collections of audio files. I still discover new features every day! -Dominik Stadler

Thank you so much for all your hard work! Exceptional functionality, great appearance. The best I've seen! -Anna

I had a serious addiction of trying out media players about year. I recovered, but I tried Jajuk today. It was what I was always looking for. I've called up five friends to tell them how excellent it is. Admittedly, there were some rough edges, but I think they can be worked out. Anyhow, great work!!!

Hello Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much! Bye

Jajuk, is really a great player, Many many thanks to Jajuk team.I like it because, it works on my computer better then any other music player including itune and windows media player. This player also inspire me to learn java. Which i have started learning already. dhruva023

Greetings from Germany. Great Software. The Best I could find. No unuseful gimmicks, easy to use and find songs. This is the way, software should be.

Keep up the good work with Jajuk. I've been using it for a few months and I really like it for its functionality and because it's free software and being a Java program I can use it on Windows and Linux. Rock on! -Tyler Magistrelli

Very good!!! Great player and it looks really well. Many Many thanks to Jajuk team. Software without bugs! Not many players are as well as this one, and its free!!! Great work! For me its very useful that the player also plays *wma files and that the player includes a playlist editor which is not arranging itself. So you can use it very well on parties. Greetings from Germany and sorry for my bad English

From my point of view this is the best player over Linux Systems. --Gould

Hey, I just saw some dude on eBay selling your software. Check out|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318

It is a very good program but I miss the option of exporting the music files with all the selected information to a TXT, XLS... format. If possible improve the index to decrease loading time when music librey is big.

The RAM usage is way too high for my laptop at 550 MB (for my 110GB library)! In contrast, musikCube handles 180GB with ~15MB RAM (but I don't want to use musikCube because its development has stopped). Also, it's not clear how I can edit tags in Jajuk (that is, when I edit them in Jajuk, they are not changed on the file itself). --Frank

Hi all, thanks for Jajuk, it is the software I was searching for my Solaris 10 desktop (and I'm sure that it will be like a virus infection here, some friends are in the same search), I'm over 200GB of music and it's really useful to use a great Jukebox like Jajuk. I know how to organize my music, but others Jukebox try to do it by my (and this is by default in most of them!!), Jajuk only do the tasks I need (anyway it can do more things, I'm learning now...). Perhaps a good and massive tagger can be a great improvement ( not a problem for me at this moment, I use a great one called easytag), but anyway, you are in the correct way.


I want an option to export my colection to html, with the covers.


Hi, I really enjoyed the software, but it would be EXCELENT if the DJ section could beatmach the songs automatically and/or fade them so they wouldnt overlap each other...thanks

Jajuk is a unique and flexible player/manager- please never abandon this project.

But if you must - find a maintainer with at least half the talent and commitment you have demonstrated. That should suffice : )

Thanks for your effort and creativity- Jajuk is a masterpiece of both programming and art.

Incredible !

Since leaving windows I have tried many Linux multimedia programs trying to find a replacement for Mediamonkey. Jajuk not only replaces Mediamonkey but surpasses it at every level. Thanks to Jajuk team, clearly a lot of time is spent coding this program.


[edit] Which feature I would like to be implemented the most ?

I would ike to access my collection through jajuk from different machines and OSs. I use Jajuk to access my music on a NAS from bth Linux and windows. As the collection takes a while to refresh (60,000 files) I'd like to be able to use the same collection data from different machines even though the path to the collection is different under different OSs Eric H

Much better management of radiostations, now I have a long list that's hardly manageable. I'd like to at least be able to 'group' stations.

I'd like very much the info you get about the currently played song/artist when listening to webradio. This is done by many other players so it is surely possible. Mark

Being able to use alternative players, like VLC, xine etc..

Store all info in a MySql db.

I would like to be able to choose the website from which the lyrics are downloaded (for example to get not-english songs' lyrics). Also, it would be great if we could suppress the "Album name" in the Tracks tree, to display only the Artist and the Title (and not getting an error message when we try not to put any Album name). Or more generally, really choose one-by-one the informations displayed in the branches of the Tracks tree, just like we do with the columns of the Tracks table or the Playlist. Otherwise, thanks a lot for your work !

Great software, thanks. The feature I am missing most is support for CUE sheets, a standard in classical music CD ripping. See

Fine software. I like it. It would be great if with a future version would use lirc for remote control and LCDd for displaying song information on HTPC display.

The possibility to set that the first song could start with slow volume and get higher when you use alarm so that you wake up better. Hi ! Just adding I use Jajuk everyday and it's really the best around here. I do some Java myself and I sure know how demanding on time and efforts that kind of project is. John

I love the program. There is one feature I can't work out. I want to save generated playlists from the 'ambience' feature. Is their any way of doing that? I see a 'save playlist' button, but when I click on it nothing seems to happen. Keep up the good work! Paul B

Hey, great program, I find it very usable and versatile with all its features, but as always there's always room for improvement :). I personally would like to know more about the lyrics functionality and was wondering if it could be expanded upon - principally, I would love it if I could input my own lyrics to be saved/cached and displayed when they can't be found using the search method. And regarding the search method itself, I would greatly appreciate more control and functionality over it, such as selection of lyric servers being searched on or scripts searching through a defined list of servers a la Amarok. Other than that though, Jajuk is (in a word) excellent.

I would like support for copying/synchronizing a file or selection of file directly to a portable/removable device (such as an MP3 player). Mediamonkey supports this, but I would like this functionality on a Linux platform as well.

Werner H.

I'd really like to have the album display screen allow you to view images related to the album, for example a PDF of the liner notes (I would create the PDF file myself). For example you double-click the album and get a PDF file opening in a different window, and you can browse through This seems to me like a challenging project. I tried creating a property, "Liner Notes" on each of the albums, thinking thi woul. Thing is I don't know how to access this user-defined property.

that's all Roy P.


Using VLC-Player as alternative player.

Support for Audioscrobbler (

Team: available from Jajuk 1.4

i would like to have a disc-cache feature for mp3-discs/network drives. so if i want to hear a file from cd/dvd, i put in the disc in the cdrom-drive, the track is copied to hard disc, enqueued in the playlist and then played. while it is played, i can remove the cd/dvd and then enqueue the next song ... what do you think? (Team: follow

Using the "cover" picture inside the MP3 tag, if available. Why ? The one inside mp3 has a one-to-one relation and if you reorganize your mp3 files, it follows the mp3. Another advantage of using the "cover" inside mp3 is that you can have several covers for an album. Let me explain, I have "albums" which consist of live performances of different artists/groups on the same night. (Then I add a picture of the performing artist in their own mp3 recordings.)

I'd really like to be able to play protected wma's with Jajuk...

Displaying the current title played on web radio

I am currently using Jajuk on a removable drive. I have a batch file that will create .jajuk profile in my user profile folder and will then create a junction to my external drives profile folder. This allows Jajuk to see the profile folder on my external drive. But my issue now is getting Jajuk to use variables so I can specify my devices location to %USERPROFIlE%\My Documents\My Music\Volume01, so I can link that folder to my external music folder. So this way no matter what drive letter is asigned to the drive it will still see the profile and music folder. Which right now is true for profile but not music. Another though would be for Jajuk to read a config file that tells it where the profile folder will be and device locations relative to jajuk location. Bottom line make a portable version of Jajuk.Team: please continue discussion at
--R3d2dawn 19:39, 6 January 2008 (CET)

Right now to solve my problem. My batch file also creates a folder "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music\Volume01\". Then the batch file creates a junction between "Volume01" and "portable drive\music". So all I do is have Jajuk point to All Users\My Music\Volume01. Problem solved. It is a bit more complicated for non techies though. If anyone wants a copy of my batch file for them selves let me know r3d2dawn att gmail dot com
--R3d2dawn 19:39, 6 January 2008 (CET)

I do not know about anyone else, but some other features I would love to see down the road eventually with Jajuk is the possible following features:

  • Encoding, such has BonkEnc either embedded or as a plugin/addon.
  • Maybe Exact Audio Copy either embedded or as a plugin/addon

Or does anyone feel this would be too much for this application and these features be left to heir own separate entity.
--R3d2dawn 19:57, 6 January 2008 (CET)

I would love it if jajuk could auto arange files into folders eg \ to \artist\album\ as can wmp, aswell as source tag data online to help better manage music collections, it seems it has album art capabilities which would be great to use in the same organisation, 01:10, 26 January 2008 (AEST) Team: It already exist, please check Files organizer

Also another cool feature would be a mode where you can have a waterd down gui, a mode party jukebox mode where it will allow users to play songs ect, but lock jujuk from closing, possible hide the start menu, awesom for partys where you can set up a pc to run jujuk to keep the party pumping and give the users a choice. 01:10, 26 January 2008 (AEST)

I would love to see more with the album cover mode..Similar to iTunes with the scroll, but what would be even cooler is something along the lines of the picLens interactive 3D Wall. You can have it in standard mode (how Jajuk is now) or compact mode. In compact mode you would have your player looking device depending on skin with the play, pause, ect, but in the middle (or anywhere)is the view screen that displays album cover. When you click it it pops out a compact version of the interactive 3D wall (kind of the size maybe of how iTunes album viewer is. Then you can scroll through the albums and clik one to zoom into it to view songs title etc..You could possible even have mini mode which minimize to the taskbark like some players can,and their be a spot to clik and a pop up occurs then --R3d2dawn 00:24, 20 Feburary 2008 (CET)

An equalizer or something like that

There are two things I would like to see: 1) Support for manual rating (5 stars) with quick access (like iTunes), additionally or optionally replacing current rating system 2) User defined properties are extremely useful for tagging, but filtering is difficult (how do I filter for a checkbox?) and the Auto DJs cannot work with these properties, if I am not mistaken. --Elisoj 23:01, 21 April 2008

An equalizer with presets, the ability to rate a track directly from the track list, and finally to be able to add a track to a playlist of our choice by right-clicking on the track.

Andreas ---

I would like to have the possabillity to change background colours or themes. BG (NL)

 - you can actually do that

i would like to have the ability to play videos, just in a basic way. people who have songs in video format wont be able to search them and listen to them using jajuk.. its a shame

This is a very promising program. I just discovered it. I like the fact that you can view videos, but I would like some more control on what jajuk shows. I've got a large number of files called .vob which are DVD compliant mpeg files. Jajuk doesn't show these. It would be great if there was a configuration where you can give all file extensions your player will recognize - with an option to display all files in a directory, no matter what extension they have. It would also be great to have an option to show the file extension in the tracks table. I hate seeing files without file extension (I know they're visible in the file tab, but I'ld like the option to switch them on in the tracks table). There is an option to enter the 'mplayer' path. How about extending that option to put in your own prefered music player. Totem works better with some video files, for instance.

Proper treatment of the albumartist or even better the albumartistsort tag, is the thing I would like to see most. This way compilations are sorted correctly. Check amarok or atunes.

All this player lacks is taking the cover from the tags and synchronizing files with mtp devices. Otherwise, it's my favorite player, keep up the good work.

Replay Gain

An excellent player, goodbye WINAMP! I love the flexibility of this app, the variety of different views you can look at your music collection with! Keep up the great work, let's do our best to get this player recognised as up their with the best of them!

[edit] Which current feature do I like the most ?

Being able to rate songs and based on that play my best rated songs.

I like very much the possibility to customize the GUI. Also I like the full text search.

I like the ability to download the covers of albums that I don't have with just one click, I don't even have to search for them.

I'd love to see an option to change/disable individual hotkeys! -LlamaNerds

Jajuk is everything I wanted in a AudioPlayer. As far as I am concerned Jajuk tops them all. Its better then Window Media Player, iTunes, and any other out their. Although Portability would be nice.

Personally, All features are my favorite. The Information button is a great feature. At the moment not much else needs to be done for just the Audio Features as far as Playbackgoes.
--R3d2dawn 19:45, 6 January 2008 (CET)

One of the best features is that it can handle the widest choice of file formats.

I would have to say the continue function and the add random track function, as well as the ability to play the newest/most popular/random tracks from a collection

the tracks tree and the search function also work really well

[edit] What do I dislike in Jajuk ?

No trayicon on my Archbox, and currently not able to upgrade Java to fix this. And well.. I thinks Jajuk looks ugly, but also because since it's Java it's not integrated in my Gnome environment at all.. Nothing you can do about it ;-)

Wow, I've started the program twice, now guess how often it crashed?! Hell yes, twice!

not any good for wave files. nothing even shows up. why does anyone even bother compressing their music anymore anyway?

I don't like Jajuk showing on the taskbar when minimized. It would be perfect if it only showed it's notification icon.

I don't like the icon set: it's too much kde-oriented and doesn't fit with a gnome desktop. (keltik, italy). Team: note that we use the Tango icon set from 1.4.

I don't like that there cannot be played *.wma-files, which are licensed! Is there any upgrade, which can fit this problem?

Because of the big icons in the taskbars (left, bottom) it is nearly impossible to run Jajuk 1.4 on an Laptop with a resolution of 1024x768. I feel much more comfortable with the old GUI. Team: from jajuk 1.5, perspective bar icons size can be set from 16 to 64 pixels

My only complaint is that I can't figure out a way to weed out (delete) duplicate songs while browsing the library. Team: done in 1.5

The program has a serious problem with a lack of intuitive interface. It makes a terrible player because it is so difficult to figure out. There is no track information display that is readily apparent, nor does it show the current song info when playing an Internet stream. There is no play button. Where does one enter the URL? Where are the skins?

I can't seem to get it to show the Japanese tags properly.

The player does not do well when there are large amount of music files in the music folder. After the library was built it took a long time to get anything done, and it crashed quite a bit.

Drag and drop is not supported from Windows explorer, to load a track quickly from outside your library. Moreover, drag and drop is badly implemented within the program. For example, I cannot select multiple files to drag them to the playlist. aTunes does it much better in that regard. Great program otherwise (though sometimes very wrongly translated in Dutch).

I like almost all of Jajuks features, but dislike some. 1: There seems to be only one way to let Jajuk re-read mp3 tags, a deep refresh, but that clear most of my ratings; please fix this and/or add alternate ways to re-read tags, i.e. while playing. 2: The jajuk rating seems a combination of my rating and jajuk's/world opinion - there is no strict relation from my rating to the number of stars; suggestion: add a balancer that allows me to adjust relative weight of ratings for the final score. 3: Jajuk (on Linux) has problems with non-ascii characters in the filenames. --- I often rearrange my audio-collection for better overview but everytime Jajuk delets the ratings for my songs. It's kinda annoying, that I never seen my collection full rated ;)

[edit] Other ?

I'd like to see a forum, it's my preferred way to communicate with other users.

I tried to file a bug report, but it was initially denied because there were URLs within the Jajuk log which I included. No problem, I removed the URLs and retried. Then, it was denied with the message "Submission rejected as potential spam (Akismet says content is spam)". Needless to say, I did not advertise anything within the bug report. After that, I tried to create a user account to submit the report, but only leads to a page saying "Error: Not Found - No handler matched request to /register". Since I put quite some work in describing the bug in my report, this is very disappointing.

There are some technical problems because of changes to the trac ticket system, please send the information and the data to so we can create the bug report for you. --Centic 22:28, 3 April 2010 (CEST)
Thank you very much :-) I sent it. --Marcel

Put a link for Portable Jajuk (win) to download page, please.

I would totally dig a native version for the Mac! -Nick

Support for XSPF playlist format please.

Also, it would be useful to have a stripped-down applet version that could be embedded in a web page. support please. Team: done in 1.4

Please internationalize this wiki. Team: sorry, we don't have enough resources so far

I do not like having to use the Up/Down arrows to reorder tracks in my playlist. I would love to see this switched to drag-control.

Also, the menus are very sparse. This may be what you were going for, but I think it is too sparse. It would be nice to be able to choose what panels to view in each of the view modes. For example, to be able to choose to view the Tracks Table from the menu while in the Display view mode. -LlamaNerds

Team: From jajuk 1.4, you can show any view in any perspective from the View menu -> "show view"

In Linux Version (and not in Windows version), some of the directory pop-up windows will not drill into sub-directories. Mouse presses, or clicks on directory name moves into directory name edit mode. So if the targeted directory is in the initial target directory it will work as desired. I having the problem when the new target directory is on a different mount point. I'm 'assuming' that the call to the directory lookup is passed some parameters, that may not be set properly. Again this is a Linux only issue 6/08/09