Perspectives and views

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  • A view is a sub-window located inside the main jajuk screen.
  • Jajuk is divided into perspectives and views. A perspective is a set of views that can be adjusted at your convenience, i.e. you can freely add or remove views to any perspective and you can resize/move any view in the current perspective freely.
  • Jajuk will remember the current views and their location across restarts.
  • Different perspectives have been predefined to make your life easier and will be explained later.
  • To change the currently displayed perspective, click on the perspective icon of your choice from the left side of the screen.
  • Check out the table of contents to get information about the different available views.



You can easily learn how to use perspectives and views by watching the following demo.

Jajuk perspectives

Jajuk contains following perspectives:

  • Image:perspective_physic_40x40.png Files perspective: your collection is shown as it is on your disks: files, directories, playlist files, etc. Every actions are performed on an given physical file. This perspective is useful when your music don't have tag. But note that if you have several times the same track in different devices (lets say one on your hard disk and one on a CD), you will see it several times in all views.

  • Image:perspective_logic_40x40.png Tracks perspective: your collection is shown using tags information such as genres, artists, years, albums or tracks. This perspective is only useful if your collection is correctly tagged, otherwise you'll get many 'unknown'. In opposition to the Files perspective, you will see tracks instead of files. A track is a logical mapping to one or more files. It means you will see a track only once even if you have several physical files for this track.

  • Image:perspective_catalog_40x40.png Albums perspective: display albums collection using interactive covers thumbnails.

  • Image:perspective_playlists_40x40.png Playslist perspective: display, create and modify playlists.

  • Image:perspective_player_40x40.png Display perspective: used to show various information while playing tracks.

  • Image:perspective_information_40x40.png Information perspective: Aims to display various content about currently played track (Wikipedia view for instance).

  • Image:perspective_configuration_40x40.png Configuration perspective: Contains views to configure Jajuk (options) and to create or modify devices. A device is a set of physical files (like a directory, a CD, a music player...).

  • Image:perspective_stat_40x40.png Statistics perspective: contains various pies and histograms about your collection: number of tracks, devices sizes, genres repartition, collection size.


  • Jajuk interface can be organized just like you want it to be : you can resize, minimize, drag a view and add it to another view as a tab, make view auto-hideable (using the drawing-pin)...
  • You can reset default views configuration only for the current perspective or for all of them using the top menu "Views" then "Restore current perspective" or "Restore all perspectives".
  • Views position and state are saved when closing Jajuk.

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